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Biography of the director and the production company

Gerd Conradt, Director
Conradt was born in Thuringia, in central Germany, in 1941. After studying photography, he started his film career at the German Film and TV Academy in Berlin (DFFB) in 1968. His colleagues during this time were Holger Meins, Harun Farocki and Wolfgang Petersen.

After lecturing for seven years at various colleges and universities in Berlin including the DFFB and the College of Education, he started a series on German poems (ca. 50 poems) for regional television (SFB Berlin). Since then, he has been working as a director and author of TV documentary films. He has earned a reputation for his long-term documentaries.

1982 About Holger Meins
Manifestation Int. de Video Montbeliard: mention special du jury
1984 The Video Pioneer
Video Culture Canada: 1st Prize/Documentary
Photokina Cologne: Special Prize ITVA
1985 TV-Greetings from West to East
Jakob-Kaiser-Award Berlin
1989 Heavy User
1992 Blueberry Forest
1995 Hold Me - Love Me: The Tempodrom in Berlin
1996 Dyngyldai
1998 People and Stones
Bride of the Wind - A Portrait of Marceline Loridan-Ivens

In March 2001, his book Starbuck - Holger Meins was published.

Hartmut Jahn, Producer
Jahn was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1955. He has been living in Berlin since 1978, working as a director, author and producer. He produced his first two films in 1982, two documentaries about young people in the then East Berlin. In this time, he also collaborated as an author and director with Gerd Conradt for the documentary About Holger Meins. Since then, his production company (JAHN Filmproduktion Berlin) has been producing feature-length documentaries and feature films.

1983 Swords into Ploughshares (Documentary)
1985 Transit Dreams (Feature Film)
1989 Lasting Values (Documentary)
1992 Shaky (Feature Film)
1993 World Champion (Feature Film)
1994 She Won't Get It (Feature Film)
1996 Radiant Youth (Documentary)
1997 Bye Bye – Hello: Hong Kong (Documentary)
1998 The Cow Film (Documentary)
2001 The Sheep Film (Documentary)

Awards: German Film Prize, Max-Ophüls-Preis: Grand Prize "Max Ophüls", Festival Special Prize, 9th Tokyo Int. Video Festival: Prize "work of excellence,” Interfilm-Prize, San Francisco Golden Gate Award: Golden Spire.