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Director: Gerd Conradt
Book: Gerd Conradt and Hartmut Jahn

Camera: Armin Fausten, Hans Rombach, Steffen Grossmann, Phillip Virus

Sound: Oliver Lumpe, Stefan Gohlke, Ilja Müller Klug, Niklas Müller, Roswitha Ziegler

Team 1975: Gerd Conradt, Renate Sami, Alberto Griffi

Team 1982: Gerd Conradt, Hartmut Jahn, Bruno Demattio, Tom Preis

Cutter: Nelia Ibeh
Graphics: Arndt Hochstetter, Annette Forsch
Photographer: Robert Schröder

Music: Lars Löhn
Cello: Tobias Wethake
Sound Mixer: Loop-o

Production Manager NDR: Viola von Liebieg
TV-Editor NDR: Barbara Denz
Production Manager: Axel Bohse
Production Assistants: Pascale Pretzsch, Yvonne Brandl

A Hartmut Jahn Film Production Hanover/Berlin

This film received financial support from:
the NDR Film Support Board in Lower Saxony, Germany
the Berlin-Brandenburg Film Board and
the MEDIA Programme of the European Union
The NORD Media GmbH Hanover assisted with its presentation

The following all helped by allowing archive material to be used:
NDR Archive, Studio Hamburg Television Alliance
German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB)
Government Director Kohlhaas, Wittlich Prison
Public Prosecutor Roos, Trier

With thanks to:
Hans-Christian Ströbele, Claudia von Alemann, Regine Dermitzel, Christine Schily, Dagmar Jacobsen, Anette Eckert, Urs Cordua, Daniela Schulz, Veit-Lup, Dagmar Benke

Thanks also to the action group starbuck – berlin film students’ faction 2001
for the reconstructed version of the film Making a Molotov Cocktail from Holger Meins